You Are Still At Risk – Second/third Party Usage of Packaging

You spend a lot of time building up your personal brand, your image, and it’s a great investment. Your personal brand is your reputation, and the last thing you want is an unknown party riding on the coattails of your brand to gain a little weight. The problem, of course, isn’t just that they’re … [Read more...]

Glass vs Plastic: Which is Better?

Life is full of choices between two options. Coffee or tea. Coke or Pepsi. Chicken or fish. At Great Western Containers, we help our clients navigate the choice between glass vs plastic containers. Both have their advantages and drawbacks and in the end, it’s a little like choosing which came first, … [Read more...]

Green Initiatives in the Packaging World

Think about how much packaging you interact with every day. Better yet, just think about how much packaging you come in contact with when you go to a grocery store. Just look down the rows and rows of boxes, and then think about how many grocery stores there are within a one mile radius. 99.999999% … [Read more...]

The History of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are a popular option for transporting and storing granular and powdered products from a wide range of industries. From food processing to rubber reinforcing, FIBCs truly have a varying client-base. But they weren’t always as useful and it took a little … [Read more...]

14 Common Misconceptions About Reconditioned Steel Drums

Reconditioned steel drums are so commonly used that many people are surprised when they find out about just how much regulation goes into each and every one. There are tons of procedures that surround the world’s favorite container, but they’re easy enough to get a hang of. Most revolve around … [Read more...]

The Bodtker Group of Companies acquires Vulcan Containers Ltd. in Montréal, Québec

For Immediate Release The Bodtker Group of Companies (Bodtker Group), Canada’s most complete source of industrial containers and packaging supplies headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is pleased to announce the acquisition of all of the assets of Vulcan Containers Ltd. (Vulcan). Vulcan specializes … [Read more...]

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