Inventory Tailored to Our Customers’ Needs

Finding the right container or packaging for your product can be a hassle. The more specific the container, the fewer places are going to have it in their inventory, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. At GWC we have a great selection of products, but we know we can't possibly have every … [Read more...]

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Reconditioned Steel Drums

Reconditioned steel drums are great containers for almost any need you have, from hazardous materials to harmless fluids. However, this doesn't mean that they are always perfect. They come with their own maintenance needs and issues just like everything else in the world, but if you've got some … [Read more...]

7 Things About Glass Bottles You Should Know Before You Order

Glass bottles. Not much to them, right? All our vinegar comes in glass bottles, classic Coca-Cola came in glass bottles, and even our perfumes, colognes, and aftershaves come in them. We're experts in using them, so there’s no need to check ourselves when ordering from glass bottle suppliers, right? … [Read more...]

I Got The Pickle

Many years ago our gregarious and intrepid sale rep from Ropak, Gordie Webb presented a video at one of our Manager’s meetings titled Give em the Pickle.  The creator of this video (yes it was video as DVD was not around at that time) was Bob Farrell founder of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlours in … [Read more...]

Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Reconditioned Steel Drums

Reconditioned steel drums are by and large one of the most commonly used types of containers in the world, both industrially and commercially. There are a lot of reasons for this, but most will say they trust reconditioned steel drums because of their durability and safety standards. However, … [Read more...]

20 Myths About Plastic Pails

Plastic pails are everywhere, even if you don't notice them. They're used for everything, and that’s because they're good for everything. If anyone’s told you otherwise, they're spreading disinformation. Here are twenty other bits and pieces of myth and made-up we've heard over the years, and we're … [Read more...]

14 Common Misconceptions About Reconditioned Steel Drums

Reconditioned steel drums are so commonly used that many people are surprised when they find out about just how much regulation goes into each and every one. There are tons of procedures that surround the world’s favorite container, but they’re easy enough to get a hang of. Most revolve around … [Read more...]

One Stop Shop – Save Time, Save Costs

The Benefits of the One Stop Shop Style of Business. Shopping can be a pain, especially when you're looking for a specialty container for a specific job. Having to go through pages of websites to find exactly what you need is challenging. Here at GWC, we understand that the search process is a time … [Read more...]

Benefits to Customers Because We Are ISO 9001

Like Boy Scouts have badges, companies also have their achievement certification programs. One of the most important programs is the certification process set forth by the ISO, or International Organization for Standardization. There are many different kinds of certifications, just like how Boy … [Read more...]

Plastic Pails – The Best Uses for the Pails We Carry

Everything can be carried, and so we believe that containers should be made to be able to carry anything that comes their way. That’s why whether you’re looking for a new cookie jar or needing a couple containers to help separate some used wall grout, the options listed below should be more than … [Read more...]

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