Recognition Initiative

GWCJuly2012__230Great Western Containers is a successful company because of our employees.   It would not be the company that it is without their dedication and support and it is important to recognize this.

The Recognition Initiative was rolled out in September 2008 and is the Company’s way of ensuring that those who go above and beyond are credited for it.   We want people to know that when they go the extra mile, someone else is waiting at the finish line with a pat on the back.

The “Recognition Initiative” describes our goals in recognition – to take the initiative to give credit where credit is due rather than just following a “program”.   Giving recognition is part of a living, breathing set of shared values for action.

Recognition for a job well done rewards our Core Values and therefore, will remain at the heart of our corporate culture.   Providing “Great Service” means that Great Western Containers’ employees are challenged and empowered not only to do their jobs but to go above and beyond every day.   When employees accomplish something remarkable, they should be recognized.

Recognition motivates, it makes our culture real and it reinforces the importance of taking the initiative and finding creative ways to solve problems.   Most importantly, it leads to a better overall customer service experience for our customers.   We challenge our employees to give credit where credit is due and to put recognition into action every single day!

“Everyone likes to feel appreciated!   It goes a long way to bolster how we can feel about our work and coworkers.   I often hear ‘thanks for fixing that’.  In the past year, our management team has given me Tim Horton’s gift cards with a thank you card attached.   Whether it’s a dinner for six months of accident-free production or acknowledging the team effort for having our best month ever, it is appreciated.   Recognition is also a two-way street so, thanks to the Management Team – keep up the great work!” – Alphonse Paul, Maintenance, Lloydminster

“It is not often that a company acknowledges everything you do.   I would like to mention how much I appreciate the gift cards, thank you cards and expressions of “Thank you” and “Well Done!” that I receive from the Great Western Containers management.   Not only do they show appreciation to you as an individual but also to the company as a whole.   BBQs are also held every few months to show appreciation. To feel appreciated in the workforce is rare but it has been achieved here – thank you!” – Lynette Gale, Customer Service Representative, Lloydminster

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