Supporting the Communities that Support Us

Here at GWC, we hold ourselves to the duty of providing for those who have not found as much fortune in this life as we have. We have supported many organizations all across Canada over the years, and our divisions each compete to outdo one another in their charity work. Here’s a list of the communities we’ve supported and the charities we’ve worked with over the years.

Community Support – The Charities We Have Supported

  • GWC Delta – Delta Assist
    • Delta Assist is a non-profit committed to fostering community support and well-being by offering counseling, support, and donation services (among many others) for all cries for help, be they families struggling with poverty or a family trying to help a loved one drop an addiction.
  • GWC Lloydminster – Lloydminster Interval Home
    • Lloydminster Interval Home provides temporary shelter free of charge for women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence as well as housing and family crisis situations. They offer support services, confidentiality, 24/7 house staffing, and since its creation in 1980, it has provided emergency shelter to 4,763 women and 6,286 children.
  • GWC Edmonton – Crystal Kids
    • What started off as an organization promoting health and physical fitness for inner city youth has become so much more. Crystal Kids is now a nurturing protector, fostering youth self-esteem and ensuring the emotional and mental well being of its members, many of who suffer from cognitive and social challenges due to exposure to alcohol prenatally resulting in various degrees of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
  • GWC Calgary – Salvation Army Adopt a Family and the Salvation Army Toy Drive
    • In Calgary, GWC supports the Salvation Army through both Adopt a Family and the Toy Drive. These services ensure that families that would otherwise have no access to basic comforts, such as a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving or presents for birthdays, are given them through the charitable donations of sponsors.
  • GWC & Nemco Regina – Early Childhood Development Program
    • Teaming up with Nemco, GWC supports the Early Childhood Development Program in Regina. The program offers child support services for low-income homes and children with delayed development. Through the program, families can get information and aid to help them do the most they can for their child, and families that could otherwise not afford it can partake in educational and developmental activities.
  • GWC Winnipeg – Children’s Wish Foundation & Macdonald Youth Services
    • Macdonald Youth Services provides emergency services to children and youth, supplying food and other necessities when they are needed most. In 2009, their Youth Emergency Crisis Stabilization System assisted over 4,800 children.
    • The Children’s Wish Foundation collects donations to fulfill the wishes of children who have suffered through much more than they should have at their age. In 2011, GWC worked to raise $3,300 for 5 year old Kaden who had recently undergone a kidney transplant to combat his kidney disease. His wish was to go to Disney World.
  • Nemco Winnipeg – Winnipeg Harvest for Food donations and Salvation Army Toy Drive
    • Winnipeg Harvest is a not-for-profit charitable organization committed to providing food to people who struggle to feed themselves and their families through food drives and the charitable donations of community members. They are also dedicated advocates of maximizing public awareness of hunger.
  • GWC & Jos Lebel Montreal – Moisson Montreal
    • With Jos Lebel, GWC lends a helping hand to Moisson Montreal, the largest food bank on the Island of Montreal. The goal of Moisson Montreal is to ensure an optimal food supply for those who need it and to develop sustainable food practices to put so the people can take food security into their own hands.

This list is to be read as “includes, but not limited to”. We are always looking for new communities to support and programs to back, so let us know what organizations you’ve got a soft spot for in your heart. We will do all we can to help, and we hope in return you help out some of our friends, too.

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