Written by Ken Chisholm

FEARToday I would like to focus on the most negative, debilitating, growth curbing, devastating emotion humanity faces every day; FEAR. Sorry for the negative tone but it’s not a very happy subject.

If we were to all look inward it would not take the greatest memory to recall an instance where fear held us back from an opportunity to grow. Fear manifests itself in many ways: fear of failure, rejection, humility, the unknown, pain, loss and believe it or not the fear of success.

In relation to sales, the number one reason sales people fail is a fear of rejection. It is widely reported in sales journals that of 10 cold calls you will be rejected 9 times. Most of us are not equipped to deal with a 90% rejection rate. Being rejected conjours up all sorts of negative emotions and memories of our past. The crushing blow of being rejected from the high school team or rejected by a hopeful date, or simply not fitting in because we were too fat, too skinny, too this and too that, comes rushing back in live, vivid colour.

Our self talk (how we perceive and therefore treat ourselves) has much to do with our successes in sales and all other walks of life. Donny Duetch, the New York marketing guru and now talk show host has a very simple slogan that he uses in times of fear and self doubt and I think it’s terrific. He simply says to himself “Why Not Me”? Think about it, we’re all, for the most part born equal, why then do some go on to lives of significance while others live life depressed, unfulfilled, unhealthy, bored and simply going through the motions. Why do the top 2% of sales people earn 98% of the money? It is because they believe in themselves, they can harness their fears (yes even the best feel fear at times) and they feel they deserve to be successful. In other words they have a high level of self respect and in more cases than not a significant mentor or partner who believes in them too. Without self respect we will have a hard time enjoying and repeating our successes too. Many people attain some success only to feel they don’t deserve it and therefore don’t pursue it or re-live it. Have you ever given someone a nice compliment only to watch them try to play it down right away? Comments like “oh it was nothing” or “you’re too kind” or “I don’t know if I’d go that far” are all comebacks to a compliment from a person who does not feel they deserve to be successful. People who believe in themselves and are kind to themselves will simply say “thank you”. You do deserve it just as much as the person you admire the most. “Why Not You”?

If you go into a sales call with the thought that you won’t win, you won’t. Your customer can feel your energy, your fear and your insecurity. The same can be said if your calling on a senior manager, V.P. or director. If you don’t feel you’re capable of relating to them on their terms in their “kingdom” you won’t. You’ll shrink in stature, you’ll be coming up with ways to get the heck out of there and your prospect will not be calling you back for round two (if they do they’ll be beating you up on price). Know thyself and know thy prospect before walking through the door.

Before you walk through that door or pick up the phone try saying “Why Not Me”. The fact that your looking at this web site and reading this article shows that you are interested in living a life of significance. Go out there and get some!

Here’s a relevant quote from the great sales guru Zig Ziglar;

“Put all your excuses aside and remember this “YOU ARE CAPABLE”

Great People, Great Products, Great Service