LiquiFold IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)

Suited for liquid food products and non-hazardous industrial applications.

The LiquiFold IBC is an FDA approved pallet container with a 300 gallon (6 drum) capacity.  Weatherproof for outside storage, the units assemble in seconds with just one operator and offers the following features:

  • Flat pack ability to save space and freight costs, for return trips (5 containers will fit into one pallet space). A 53-foot trailer will carry 168 flat packed units – great for packaging return program!.
  • Food grade liner, providing an air and contaminate free environment for any product.  Liners can be irradiated for aseptic use.
  • Liners are used once and discarded, removing the need for container cleaning.  The single-use liner also removes the need to dedicate containers to products, thereby reducing fleet numbers.  All cross-contamination is eliminated.
  • Full units can be stacked five high.
  • The thick, insulated wall provides product stability and protection against frost damage.
  • Both filling and decanting is air free; there is no need to vent the liner to allow product flow, as with a rigid system.
  • The modular design allows for any damaged components to be replaced individually.
  • Heater mats, decant probes, flow meters, weigh scales, insulated covers and a wide range of ancillary equipment is available for the containers.
  • Units can be leased, purchased and rented.  Rented units can be hired in one location and dehired in another, saving costly return trips.  Depots available from Vancouver to Toronto..
  • Parts including, liner bags, valves, filling bridges, gland clips are available at select Great Western Containers locations saving you valuable time sourcing parts from a variety of manufacturers.

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