Reconditioned Drums

Reconditioned Drums

Long Live the Drums

Great Western Containers is highly recognized for our reconditioned drums standards and efficiencies.  In order to maximize their life, customers’ used drums may be reconditioned for reuse.

Packaging returns and recycling are vital for the preservation of our environment.  We are proud to offer “cradle to grave” services for the drums (barrels) we manufacture.

Typically, customers ship their drums to our facilities for storage in a raw (dirty) state and we maintain stock sheets on their behalf.  When a customer has need of their drums stock they simply place their order and we schedule their drums for reconditioning in line with their required delivery date.

The reconditioned drums process varies slightly by facility and generally includes the following components at most locations.

Reconditioned Drums Process

  • Drums exteriors are washed
  • Residue of previous ladings is completely drained
  • Interior is purged of residual ladings with a preflush
  • Interior is cleaned on the wash rack
  • Interiors are dried and individually inspected
  • Drums with excessive corrosion are acid-treated
  • Chimes are retightened
  • Serviceable dents are blown out
  • Drums are leak tested
  • Clean fittings with new gaskets are inserted
  • Exterior finish is applied
  • Drums are shipped

Great Western Containers also offers customers the option to purchase used drums from our own inventory.  These drums adhere to our stringent reconditioned drums process.

Industry-Leading Technologies

Great Western Containers has the ability to remanufacture non-regulated drums (convert tight head barrels to open head barrels) and at our Edmonton and Winnipeg facilities we can also remanufacture UN approved open head drums.  Our Winnipeg facility offers burn and blast technology for use on open head drums.

The Edmonton reconditioning plant uses an advanced progressive wash rack system and also has a ‘Flamer’ for refinishing the exterior of poly drums.  This facility is equipped with a computerized automated paint system as well.

Great Western Containers Advantages

All Great Western Containers facilities are Transport Canada and ISO registered and are strategically located in major centres across Canada for ideal logistic capabilities.  We also offer customers alternate drum collection points (i.e. drop your drums off in Edmonton… have them cleaned in Calgary!)

Great Western Containers is also known for offering effective drum inventory management.  We know what you have and can assist in forecasting your needs.

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