Steel Pails

Buckets of “Steel Pails”

Steel PailsGreat Western Containers offers steel pails in varying sizes and gauges of steel in open head and tight head configurations.  Ideal for paints, chemicals, asphalt, roofing materials, etc., our pails are available in a wide range of UN ratings and are inventoried at all of our Great Western Containers locations.

We’re proud to stock steel pails exclusively from Phoenix Containers – a solid manufacturer committed to the same continuous improvement of quality and efficiencies that we are at Great Western Containers.  Their modern operation features state of the art lithography equipment that allows for your unique pail printing and design.

We stock open head pails from 10 litre to 5 imperial gallons, and 20 litre tight head pails.  Other sizes are available on special order.

Available Covers
sc or spt

Open Heads (tapered for nesting – tight heads do not nest) Open Head Tight Head
Steel Pails - Open Heads Steel Pails - Open Head Steel Pails - Tight Head
Measurement All pails are 11.25″ diameter for consistent lid applications.
H = height
10 litres 8-11/16″ H
5 US gallons 13-7/8″ H
20 litres 14-9/16″ H
23 litres 15-15/16″ H
5 US gallons 13 3/4″
20 litres 14 9/16″ H
Volume Capacity
US gallon and metric equivalents available
Volume Capacity
10 litres to 23 litres
Volume Capacity
5 US gallons to 20 litres
Common Applications
UN ratings:
10 litres to 20 litres up to a 1A2/Y2.1/100
23 litres up to a 1A2/Y1.8/100
Tight head up to 1A1/Y2.0/300
Common Applications
Paints, stains, adhesives, greases, mastics, powders
Common Applications
Paints, solvents, viscous liquids
Colours/Linings Available
gry = grey
wht = white
blk = black
RI = rust inhibitor lining
E6 = gold phenolic lining
E9 = epoxy phenolic
Colours/Linings Available
gry, blk, wht, custom colours and lithography available, RI, standard E6, E9 linings available
Colours/Linings Available
gry, blk, wht exterior, custom colours and lithography available
Available Covers
sc = screw capspt = spout lugcrimp ond/l/l = dish and lever lock ringAll open head lids come with flow in gaskets
Available Covers
sc, spt, lug, d/l/l

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