Necessity is The Mother of Invention

Necessity is The Mother of Invention


Throughout human history, necessity has driven invention and innovation, necessity is the mother of invention. Fire allowed us to cook our meat. The wheel, lever and pulley became essential tools to drive industry. The incandescent light bulb ushered in a new age of production.

Our modern age is a testament to invention as well. Just check out late night television and you’ll see the host of interesting inventions created out of necessity ranging from pedicure sets to cleaning products and more, all to solve life’s little peccadilloes, inconveniences and frustrations.

Truly, necessity is the mother of invention.

Great Western Containers believes in this as well. It’s helped us grow as a company, retain high quality employees and still be profitable at the end of the year.

Our innovative spirit really shines through in our commitment to our customers. Sometimes, our existing product line might not always meet a customer’s needs. We get that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still help. In fact, these might be the challenges we like best.

Solutions, Not Excuses

We let customers know up front that we want to find solutions for them. We reiterate this value in our literature, our website and in our conversations with customers.

Great Western Containers does offer a wide variety of containers. Our existing product line meets most of our customers’ needs. We have:

These containers hold everything from pie filling to glue to oil. And while this represents a pretty broad list, we know we haven’t thought of everything. Honestly, who could?

So if we don’t already carry the product a customer needs, we don’t offer excuses and apologies. We go out and find what they need. We might even invent it!

Closing the Deal (Or Opening It)

Necessity drives the invention or discovery of new containers, but our innovative spirit doesn’t stop there because at some point, you have to open and close those containers as well.

To finish a container, it needs:

  • Opening tools;
  • Closing tools;
  • Wrenches;
  • Caps;
  • Seals;
  • Pumps;
  • Incremental dispensers;
  • Bungs;
  • Valves; and
  • Faucets

These closures, openers and pumps help you access what you have stored in the container. But like containers, not every item we carry can do the job you need done. Sometimes, we have to get creative, finding new products or using products in new ways to meet your needs.

At the End of It All

Innovation, inventiveness and creativity play a huge role in getting the right container for the right product and finding the perfect way to open, close and access containers.

We also have to find inventive ways to address the end of a container’s life. Simply allowing containers to go straight to the landfill doesn’t seem right to our customers or us. As a responsible corporation and active members of our community, we seek to find ways to recycle or reuse old containers.

At Great Western Containers, we call this ethos the “cradle to grave” service. Once a container has served its purpose, we either recondition it for a new use or help channel it to the appropriate recycler. And once again, necessity proves the mother of invention in reconditioned and recycled products.

Invention adds spice and variety to otherwise dull routines. It helps us chart new territory, navigate new waters and discover new lands. And invention grows from the seed of necessity. Great Western Containers is committed to meeting your needs through our dedication to invention.

Great People, Great Products, Great Service