Glass vs Plastic: Which is Better?

Life is full of choices between two options. Coffee or tea. Coke or Pepsi. Chicken or fish. At Great Western Containers, we help our clients navigate the choice between glass vs plastic containers. Both have their advantages and drawbacks and in the end, it’s a little like choosing which came first, … [Read more...]

20 Myths About Plastic Pails

Plastic pails are everywhere, even if you don't notice them. They're used for everything, and that’s because they're good for everything. If anyone’s told you otherwise, they're spreading disinformation. Here are twenty other bits and pieces of myth and made-up we've heard over the years, and we're … [Read more...]

Food Grade Plastic – What is it?

Take a quick look around your home and office and notice just how many products have different forms of plastic in them. There’s your recycling can, the kids’ fire truck in the corner, the bottle of aspirin in your medicine cabinet and your water bottle on the counter. Each of these products is … [Read more...]

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